Practical tips for PM – 20; How are you different?

In his book ‘High performance entrepreneur’ Subroto Bagchi talks about six areas in which a company should differentiate their service, product from the already existing competitors. The six areas are 1. Domain 2. Tools 3.Methodology 4.quality 5.Innovation and 6.Branding.

I feel that every Project Manager can differentiate themselves in these 6 areas.

Let me elaborate.

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MS Academy goes green – Online PMP Question bank

Save Paper Save Trees Save Earth. Please don’t print this e-mail unless you really need to.

Some of you could have noticed this sentence in our email signature. But we were printing at least a 1000 sheets to administer tests in our PMP training program every month. We wanted to go green and so we explored options to conduct our PMP baseline tests online. Some of our students suggested moodle !Lo and behold! we have an MS Academy PMP Question bank online.

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Oct month pmp boot camp photos and Mr.Chandrashekar’s visit

The October month MS Academy PMP boot camp concluded well this Sunday (10th Oct) with 12 PMs from IBM, Wipro, Visteon, HSBC, CSC and Graderesults joining us. I had invited Mr.Chandrashekar Kalluri VP-HR and training, Laserwords, to distribute the certificates on the last day and share his experience. Mr.Chandra shared his experience of the same PMP training that MS Academy conducted at Laserwords itself. He said, “After Ganapathy and team conducted PMP training at our place, we are all talking only in PMBoK terms. We have formed study groups. We organize special classes for additional inputs. For example I am planning to take a session on HR and communication. The CFO is going to conduct a session on cost etc. I suggest that you also use group study to be successful in this exam.

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The best way to learn is to teach; Laserwords PMP training

We concluded the first batch of PMP training program to 23 PMs and above at Laserwords last Sunday and what a great time it was! The batch had Mr.Chandrashekar Kalluri VP-HR and Training, Mr.Annamalai, Head-Quality and many of the Cluster Leads, almost all the shakers and movers of the company. Earlier, as Mr.Krishna Pera, their COO suggested, I met 9 of the participants over two weeks and learnt about their business. I incorporated that learning into the PMP program and shared it with my other trainers also. This proved to be a worthwhile investment during the training. That is what I meant by learning through teaching.

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Photos from Sep month PMP boot camp and Ram’s visit

The September month PMP boot camp concluded well on 19th Sep with 15 PMs from Wipro, TCS, HP, RR Donnelley, Oracle, iNautix, CSS Corp, Mahindra Satyam and Omnitechsys participating this time. I heard the feedback I have been wanting to hear all these months – “We are going to cherish the memories of this PMP boot camp much more than even clearing PMP” “This training can be done just for learning sake. PMP is just a by-product”. I forward all the compliments to my trainers who are making this program a great success.

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Do we promote customer-centricity in Indian culture?

In organizing the PMP boot camps in the past few months, I found that what the customers really relish is the focus on their needs with an attitude of gratitude. Even if there are minor issues in terms of the actual service, they are OK with an apology and course correction.

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Star studded June month PMP boot camp from MS Academy

The June month MS Academy PMP boot camp started last Saturday with 12 participants. The special news about this boot camp is the profile of participants. We have

Krishnakumar R, AVP Quality Isoft who came from Bangalore

Chandrakumar, SPIN Chennai president and Program Manager at HP

Sammy Kumaresh, an entrepreneur who had come all the way from Toronto, Canada,

Balaji Ramamurthy a full time planner in Dana Gas who came from Sharjah, UAE

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It is 35 contact hours you need and not 35 PDUs to apply for PMP

In order to apply for the PMP® Exam you will have to evidence “35 contact hours of formal education on project management”. The PMI explains this as follows in the PMP® Credentials Handbook:

  • Verify at least 35 contact hours of specific instruction that addressed learning objectives in project management.
  • The course work must be completed at the time you submit the application.
  • The course hours may include content on project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, procurement and integration management.”

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MS Academy May month PMP boot camp

By God’s grace, May month PMP boot camp went very well with the participation of 13 PMs from organizations like Gemini Communications, TCS, Siemens, HCL, iSoft and 3iInfotech and 5 of us trainers. The boot camp was held at Raj Palace Sundar, R.A.Puram. The venue, ambiance, food and service were great. The success of any training program depends on the participants. This group of project managers were very focused on learning, always willing to share their knowledge and help each other.

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