What is your intelligence type?


Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. He proposed spatial, linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and  intra-personal intelligent types. This idea is very attractive due to the suggestion that every one can be smart in one way. But many, especially psychologists criticize it for its lack of empirical evidence. They support the prevailing theory of general intelligence.  They argue that thousands of studies support the importance of intelligence quotient (IQ) in predicting school and job performance, and numerous other life outcomes.

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Project Management Posters – samples

Last week, I was looking for some posters related to project management, to decorate our new office in Mylapore. I looked in many stores, internet etc, but could not get any. So I thought I will create my own. I created 12 posters. You can see some samples below. Earlier, we used to give diaries for new year. This time, I thought I can share these posters with you as a new year present. Click here to view and download all 12 posters. Tell me which ones you liked. Whichever gets more votes, I will display them in our office.
If you want to print and display them, go ahead. Only make sure you get the tiff version from here – tiff version of PM posters They will print in A3 size.

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Windows 8 hands-on review

I upgraded the OS in my Samsumg laptop to Windows 8 Pro last week. I thought I can share my review of the product here with you. First of all it is reasonably priced at 2000 Rs and can be bought over net with a credit card. I downloaded the 2 GB install file, copied it to a USB and installed it without much trouble.
The major difference is the start screen. It is now a set of tiles on screens that slide, like in touch phones. You can add applications, rearrange the tiles etc. the OS is designed for tablets. So if you are using Win 8 in a non touch (like a laptop in my case) You should know the keyboard shortcuts from the metro start page. Then it becomes much more easy. The following shortcuts are very handy.

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Desiderata – A beautiful poem by Max Ehrmann

In the second batch PMP training program at Laserwords, I told the PMs that they can write guest posts in my blog. Someone said ‘x writes beautiful poems’. I was reminded of this poem “Desiderata” that I find inspirational, every time I read. I thought I will share it with you.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

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Happy Navarathri; Happy Dussehra

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Rupee symbol in ms academy website using rupakara font

I have used the Indian Rupee symbol in Management Scholars Academy website to quote the course fee for our PMP boot camp here http://msacademy.in/pmp-rupakara.htm using rupakara font. Rupakara is a new font created by Michael Everson to give support to the newly invented Indian Rupee Sign, which has been assigned to U+20B9 by Unicode. You can see the rupee symbol in my site only if you have the rupakara font installed in your computer. You can download the font for free from here http://www.evertype.com/fonts/rupakara/

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Use open DNS to fix BSNL broadband access problem

Some of you who are using BSNL broadband at home told me that you are not able to access my blog. I also had the problem and found that it was something to do with BSNL DNS cache. I was not able to access my website and mail from time to time (Sometimes even Google.com)

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My daughter’s school project – vegetable face

When there is a PMP trainer in the house, everyone does projects! Here is my daughter Mathangi’s (5th std) school project – A face made out of veggies / fruits. If you guess all the veggies correctly you will win 1 kilo of vegetables!

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Behance your creative projects

The artists among you will like this one. If you want to publish and promote your work, in whatever form (music, videos, artwork, websites etc) as a catalog, You can do it at behance.net and share it over web, facebook, linkedIN, twitter and so on. I created a project for the “MS Academy PMP boot camp” out of the first slide of all the course material, the learning points on each of the 12 topics, with the great images I bought from dreamtemplate(dot)com and published it on Behance as a project www.behance.net/gallery/PMP-Boot-Camp-in-Chennai-from-MS-Academy/614589 Putting it in a place like this and giving links back to your site will also get you google juice.

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Do we promote customer-centricity in Indian culture?

In organizing the PMP boot camps in the past few months, I found that what the customers really relish is the focus on their needs with an attitude of gratitude. Even if there are minor issues in terms of the actual service, they are OK with an apology and course correction.

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Feeling Lucky today? – by Lakshminarasimhan

Today’s post is from Lakshminarasimhan, PMP. Narasimhan is a Project manager with HCL  and has been with HCL for 9 years. Prior to that he was with CMC Limited, Hyderabad for 4 years, learning Telugu and Hindi along with other computer languages.

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On top of the world

When I was in Tokyo for 3 months working for Citibank, one weekend, I went on a tour to Mount Fuji. This is me on the fifth station of Mt.Fuji. Climbing upto the top, the tenth station, I have heard is an amazing adventure.  But even the trip to the 5th station was wonderful, an out of the world experience. It felt like I am on the top of the world. (You can see the clouds below me in the picture).

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