Mind Mapping 3 – How to do ‘mind mapping’? by O.S.Balaji

In the last post, we touched upon ‘Why Mind Mapping’; In this post, let me give you some pointers to the question ‘How to do Mind Mapping?’

1. Start with few easy scenarios to do Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping can be used in several different ways. It could range anywhere from presenting your bio-data to summarizing a book. However, till one could appreciate the power of Mind Map the following activities could be a good place to start:

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Mind mapping 2 – Why use mind mapping? Guest post by O.S.Balaji

In the first post , we saw ‘ what is Mind Mapping ‘ all about. In this post, let us look try to answer ‘Why Mind Map ?’

There are different ways of note taking  – descriptive, diagrams, using bullet points, context diagrams; each one of them has their own merits and could be used based on the situation one is in.

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Mind mapping – 1 Guest post by O.S.Balaji

O.S.Balaji is the Engagement Manager – ANZ region for Wipro Technologies. He is a management consultant with wide knowledge in CMMi, PMBoK, Prince 2, Six Sigma et al. He is an active blogger and the editor of “Resonance” an e-magazine that strikes a chord with thousands of IT professionals in India. Balaji has agreed to write a series on mind mapping that he uses extensively in his magazine to explain concepts.

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