PMI ACP – Feedback from LM Sureshkumar

successIt has been a while that I wrote a blog post. Keeping busy with monthly PMP programs, Online PMP programs and now PMI Agile Certification training. One of our students from PMI Agile program, Mr.Sureshkumar, got the ‘Agile Certified Practitioner’ certification and has written a beautiful article on his ACP journey in his blog. He is wise and witty at the same time. Thought you will like this article. 

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A relational database for PMBoK

databaseDavid Kershaw wrote a beautiful article on ‘organizing to lead’ in this blog long ago. He sent in this article on a database their company has created for PMBoK. They are sharing the database to interested students for free. Read the article to know more. Thanks David.

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Project Integration Management Simplified – Guest Post by Sambit Daspatnaik

integration mgmtSambit is a good friend and colleague from CSC. He has over 12 years of experience in the areas of Project Management, Delivery Management and Software Development in the Health Care, Logistics and Manufacturing domains. He experience includes Project Planning, Budgeting, Reporting, Risk management and Team management. He maintains 2 blogs to share his knowledge on project management and methodologies @ – and After reading the article below, make sure you visit his blog to read his other well researched articles.

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Mind Mapping 3 – How to do ‘mind mapping’? by O.S.Balaji

In the last post, we touched upon ‘Why Mind Mapping’; In this post, let me give you some pointers to the question ‘How to do Mind Mapping?’

1. Start with few easy scenarios to do Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping can be used in several different ways. It could range anywhere from presenting your bio-data to summarizing a book. However, till one could appreciate the power of Mind Map the following activities could be a good place to start:

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Creative problem solving 4 – by Manikandan V

Hope you checked out the 3 earlier posts in this series. In this 4th post, I would like to write about TRIZ principle 6 – Universality and principle 13 – The other way around.

Principle 6 – “Universality” – Make a part of object perform multiple functions; eliminate the need of other.

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How to implement Earned Value Management using MS Project 2007

Sambit Daspatnaik attended the MS Academy PMP boot camp and cleared PMP in July 2010. He is working in iSoft as Senior Program Analyst in the PMO of NHS project, the largest civil IT project in the world. Sambit has published a well researched article on implementing EVM in MS Project in his blog here Like you people encourage my blogging efforts, if you encourage Sambit also (by leaving comments, asking questions, suggesting improvements, following his blog, etc) we can expect to see a lot of great articles like this one from Sambit. Excellent work Sambit. Looking for more such articles in the areas of Project management, program management and EPM.

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Creative Problem Solving – 3 by Manikandan V

I wrote about TRIZ Principle -1 – Segmentation in the earlier blog. Here I am writing about two more TRIZ principles.

Principle – 2. Taking Out (Separate an interfering part or property from an object, or single out the only necessary part (or property) of an object.

By segmentation principle we have segmented our work/project. There is always a chance of troublesome or critical segment or part in our work, which we can take out and handle separately.

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Does the role of Project Manager End with managing projects? The answer is “NO” – Umasree

Umasree continues from where she left in the last post…

It is not just PMP and beyond…it is Project Management and beyond… that is what makes Project Managers successful business managers and people leaders.

I have 10 principles that I would follow as a Project Manager and most of the PM’s would find themselves aligned to these 10 principles in one way or the other.

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Does the role of Project Manager end with managing projects?…An Analysis by Umasree

Both my parents worked in government sector and I was so used to hearing them saying that their managers control their work lives to a great extent.  Even after 3 decades and now that the private sector is cherished with a greater Corporate Culture, lot of things changed except the fact that even today, mostly our managers control our work lives.  The kind of infrastructure where we work ( compared to good old depleted government buildings Vs Lead Skyscraper buildings),  Posh office furniture ( Rolling cushion chairs compared to Wooden seats with cotton cushions not changed for decades),  well maintained housekeeping ( compared to dirty toilets and rusty ceiling fans filled with dust over years with now High class wash rooms with deos and perfumes, handwash and towels),  Fringe benefits (Compared to Rs 1 or 2 tea wala refreshments to Vending machines in office/  Microwaves and in-house Kitchens and 24 hours food malls in the office building)… the list goes on and on in the comfort zone. Yet, today’s employee is a very stressed out and unsatisfied project team member.  Why is it so?

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Toastmasters Program – an experiential learning by Dr.R.Gopinath

Dr.Gopinath keeps a detailed blog of his toastmasters projects which is an informative and interesting read.  Here he is stressing the value of TM program for project managers. Right from the Little Rock days in 1996 I have attended Toastmasters meetings on and off and have enjoyed them. So I fully endorse the views shared of Dr.Gopinath.

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Is Communication a Challenge or a Blessing? – by Umasree Raghunath

Sometime in 2004-05, I got a chance to meet one of the Senior Vice Presidents from Netherlands of the Bank I was working for when he came down to India. First ever one on one session with a senior person in the Organization and he came up with few questions to understand how we operate on the floor for a global migration project.  When I informed him the process, he sounded surprised saying that he was not aware that we have been doing so much of efforts in the back end.   I felt disappointed and I asked him, whose fault?   He was frank enough to tell me, that he never heard my name nor the process I was talking about and said, it is a big question of visibility.   And where was the gap-  Communication!

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Project Management in Product development – Umasree Raghunath

Last week there was a discussion on usefulness of Project Management in product development in this blog. Umasree Raghunath added a detailed comment on the topic. I thought it deserves to be highlighted as a separate guest blog. Here goes…

I would like to begin with a vital way of we perceiving the service industry today. To most of us working in the IT industry, the applications we build is also considered as Products. And hence Product Management and Project Management widely go hand in hand.

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