PMI ACP – Feedback from LM Sureshkumar

successIt has been a while that I wrote a blog post. Keeping busy with monthly PMP programs, Online PMP programs and now PMI Agile Certification training. One of our students from PMI Agile program, Mr.Sureshkumar, got the ‘Agile Certified Practitioner’ certification and has written a beautiful article on his ACP journey in his blog. He is wise and witty at the same time. Thought you will like this article. 

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Managing risks

managing risks

The term ‘risk’ is defined in financial terms as ‘the chance that an investment’s actual return will be different than expected’. But in Project Management Body of Knowledge, project risks are defined as uncertain events that will have an effect on project objectives like scope, cost, schedule, quality etc. The impact can be positive as well as negative. Positive risks are called opportunities and negative risks are called threats. By this definition they are like two sides of a coin. Depending on the individual’s appetite for risk, one will view the same event as a threat or an opportunity. For example, making a mega blockbuster movie with Rajnikanth is an opportunity for Director Shankar. For others it is a threat. If you are a risk lover, you will sleep less but eat more and if you are risk averse you will probably sleep more but eat less.

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Continuous self-improvement cycle

Inspired by the Plan Do Check Act cycle for continual improvement, I came up with this continuous self-improvement cycle.

Listen – The biggest impediment to learning and development is lack of listening skills. To learn new things, one should be always curious like a child and non-judgmental. By Listen I mean all forms of observation with inquisitiveness. If you want to loose weight, you should see fit people and get inspired. Ask them questions and listen. Make note of their habits which are different from yours.

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What is your intelligence type?


Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. He proposed spatial, linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and  intra-personal intelligent types. This idea is very attractive due to the suggestion that every one can be smart in one way. But many, especially psychologists criticize it for its lack of empirical evidence. They support the prevailing theory of general intelligence.  They argue that thousands of studies support the importance of intelligence quotient (IQ) in predicting school and job performance, and numerous other life outcomes.

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A relational database for PMBoK

databaseDavid Kershaw wrote a beautiful article on ‘organizing to lead’ in this blog long ago. He sent in this article on a database their company has created for PMBoK. They are sharing the database to interested students for free. Read the article to know more. Thanks David.

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Project Management Posters – samples

Last week, I was looking for some posters related to project management, to decorate our new office in Mylapore. I looked in many stores, internet etc, but could not get any. So I thought I will create my own. I created 12 posters. You can see some samples below. Earlier, we used to give diaries for new year. This time, I thought I can share these posters with you as a new year present. Click here to view and download all 12 posters. Tell me which ones you liked. Whichever gets more votes, I will display them in our office.
If you want to print and display them, go ahead. Only make sure you get the tiff version from here – tiff version of PM posters They will print in A3 size.

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Project Integration Management Simplified – Guest Post by Sambit Daspatnaik

integration mgmtSambit is a good friend and colleague from CSC. He has over 12 years of experience in the areas of Project Management, Delivery Management and Software Development in the Health Care, Logistics and Manufacturing domains. He experience includes Project Planning, Budgeting, Reporting, Risk management and Team management. He maintains 2 blogs to share his knowledge on project management and methodologies @ – and After reading the article below, make sure you visit his blog to read his other well researched articles.

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Windows 8 hands-on review

I upgraded the OS in my Samsumg laptop to Windows 8 Pro last week. I thought I can share my review of the product here with you. First of all it is reasonably priced at 2000 Rs and can be bought over net with a credit card. I downloaded the 2 GB install file, copied it to a USB and installed it without much trouble.
The major difference is the start screen. It is now a set of tiles on screens that slide, like in touch phones. You can add applications, rearrange the tiles etc. the OS is designed for tablets. So if you are using Win 8 in a non touch (like a laptop in my case) You should know the keyboard shortcuts from the metro start page. Then it becomes much more easy. The following shortcuts are very handy.

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PMBoK Version 5

Happy Deepavali to you all. The November month PMP program is starting on 17th instead of 10th Nov to accommodate some as participants request to go home for Deepavali. BTW, there is a doubt in many PMP aspirants mind if they should wait for PMBoK 5 to be released. PMBoK 5 is getting released in Dec 2012. PMP exam is going to be based on PMBoK version 4 till the end of July 2013. If PMP is in your new year resolution finish it before July.

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November 2012 MS Academy PMP boot camp and free orientation

Management Scholars Academy’s November month PMP boot camp dates are Nov 10,11,17 and 18. On 3rd Nov we have the FREE PMP orientation program. In this session we will give you details about the PMP credential, the eligibility criteria, a demo on how to apply online, tips on how to prepare for the exam, how to read PMBoK without dozing off (-:), a baseline test with 50 Q to give you an idea of how the actual test feels like, and answer any other questions you may have on PMP. Please tell your friends who will be interested and ask them to call me at 9840757994 to register for the free orientation.

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10 tips for passing PMP exam

1. Read the PMBoK 5th edition three times before taking the exam. In that, use mind mapping to take notes, once. On scope, quality and procurement knowledge areas, there will be some questions straight from inputs / tools and techniques / output; In risk management the order of events (the risk life cycle) is important; In quality management you get many questions on planning and QC tools etc. So reading PMBoK is crucial. If you can get some experiences PMs to explain PMBoK concepts, from beginning to end, with examples and stories, you should grab that opportunity. Technical documents can be boring to read by yourselves.

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MS Academy Dec month PMP boot camp photos

By God’s grace, we had 27 PMs participating the December month PMP boot camp. They were from IBM, HCL, Wipro, Visteon, Patni, Cognizant, Dell, PayPal, Verizon, Frost and Sullivan, BWIR, TelcorIndia, 3i infotech, and Lycos.

When I founded MS Academy in December 2009, I thought I will give myself one year to evaluate the results from the venture. At the end of November 2010, when I took stock, I was happy with the impact we made in the market, especially the terrific positive impact on the confidence level of the Project Managers who attended our training programs, but the bottom line from a business view was not very encouraging.

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