A relational database for PMBoK

databaseDavid Kershaw wrote a beautiful article on ‘organizing to lead’ in this blog long ago. He sent in this article on a database their company has created for PMBoK. They are sharing the database to interested students for free. Read the article to know more. Thanks David.

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Project Management Posters – samples

Last week, I was looking for some posters related to project management, to decorate our new office in Mylapore. I looked in many stores, internet etc, but could not get any. So I thought I will create my own. I created 12 posters. You can see some samples below. Earlier, we used to give diaries for new year. This time, I thought I can share these posters with you as a new year present. Click here to view and download all 12 posters. Tell me which ones you liked. Whichever gets more votes, I will display them in our office.
If you want to print and display them, go ahead. Only make sure you get the tiff version from here – tiff version of PM posters They will print in A3 size.

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