Practical tips for PM – 18

As a PM, even after you organize work as project and plan for everything including risk responses, the success of the project highly depends on how much you can convince your team to work for you and align them towards the goals you set. This is where leadership skills and styles come into play. Theorists propose that there are three type of leaders

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Desiderata – A beautiful poem by Max Ehrmann

In the second batch PMP training program at Laserwords, I told the PMs that they can write guest posts in my blog. Someone said ‘x writes beautiful poems’. I was reminded of this poem “Desiderata” that I find inspirational, every time I read. I thought I will share it with you.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

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Creative problem solving 4 – by Manikandan V

Hope you checked out the 3 earlier posts in this series. In this 4th post, I would like to write about TRIZ principle 6 – Universality and principle 13 – The other way around.

Principle 6 – “Universality” – Make a part of object perform multiple functions; eliminate the need of other.

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Mind mapping 2 – Why use mind mapping? Guest post by O.S.Balaji

In the first post , we saw ‘ what is Mind Mapping ‘ all about. In this post, let us look try to answer ‘Why Mind Map ?’

There are different ways of note taking  – descriptive, diagrams, using bullet points, context diagrams; each one of them has their own merits and could be used based on the situation one is in.

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Oct month pmp boot camp photos and Mr.Chandrashekar’s visit

The October month MS Academy PMP boot camp concluded well this Sunday (10th Oct) with 12 PMs from IBM, Wipro, Visteon, HSBC, CSC and Graderesults joining us. I had invited Mr.Chandrashekar Kalluri VP-HR and training, Laserwords, to distribute the certificates on the last day and share his experience. Mr.Chandra shared his experience of the same PMP training that MS Academy conducted at Laserwords itself. He said, “After Ganapathy and team conducted PMP training at our place, we are all talking only in PMBoK terms. We have formed study groups. We organize special classes for additional inputs. For example I am planning to take a session on HR and communication. The CFO is going to conduct a session on cost etc. I suggest that you also use group study to be successful in this exam.

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Happy Navarathri; Happy Dussehra

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Practical tips for PM – 17; PM is the star in an organization

Though customer is the key stakeholder and what makes customer happy is timely deliveries, the role of a PM is not just taking care of deliveries. It is to involve all the stakeholders (customers, team or employees, senior management, shareholders, society etc) at appropriate phases and ensure that the deliveries meet the project objectives and is successful from all aspects.

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The best way to learn is to teach; Laserwords PMP training

We concluded the first batch of PMP training program to 23 PMs and above at Laserwords last Sunday and what a great time it was! The batch had Mr.Chandrashekar Kalluri VP-HR and Training, Mr.Annamalai, Head-Quality and many of the Cluster Leads, almost all the shakers and movers of the company. Earlier, as Mr.Krishna Pera, their COO suggested, I met 9 of the participants over two weeks and learnt about their business. I incorporated that learning into the PMP program and shared it with my other trainers also. This proved to be a worthwhile investment during the training. That is what I meant by learning through teaching.

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