Use open DNS to fix BSNL broadband access problem

Some of you who are using BSNL broadband at home told me that you are not able to access my blog. I also had the problem and found that it was something to do with BSNL DNS cache. I was not able to access my website and mail from time to time (Sometimes even

Finally after discussing with some experts, I reconfigured my PC to use DNS Servers provided by OpenDNS and now I can reach all sites. Instead of using BSNL ISP’s DNS Servers, configure your computer (Change IP in network properties) to use the OpenDNS servers as follows

1. Open Control Panel -> Networking and Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connection.

2. Now a window showing all networks will be opened. Select BSNL Connection -> Right click -> Properties.

3. Now, double click on Internet Protocol Version(TCP/IPv4) and in newly opened window at bottom, select “Use the following DNS Server address” .

4. And fill these 2 DNS Addresses in two fields:

It is faster and my research tells me that there is no security risk. Don’t miss all the action and updates from MS Academy!!

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  1. Hi G,

    Not only is there no security risk, but OpenDNS also protects you from phishing and malware!

    Glad it’s working as a solution for getting visitors back to your Web site.


  2. I too was struggling with this problem and had to repeatedly click at different times to get some links. It is solved now with your suggestion.
    Thanks a lot Ganapathy.

    – MG Thomas

  3. Glad that there is a community out there facing this problem. My sites too had a problem with not only BSNL but Reliance Net Connect too. Solved.

    But there should not have been a problem in the first place. Why does it happen? And why only a few sites face this?

  4. Hi… I also use Bsnl.. I was using google DNS so far and i found ur blog and found it usefull.. when searching found dnsadvantage and they re too faster equally to opendns
    Now can you tell me which to use OPENDNS or DNSADVANTAGE
    which to use and whish will be secure and reliable 🙂

  5. OpenDNS worked for me on my BSNL WiMAX connection. Thank you very much!!!