What would be your message to management students?

I have been invited to address the MBA, BBA and B.Com students at Sri Sankara Arts and Science College at Kanchipuram on 3rd Sep as part of “Margadarshan 2010” their two day National Symposium. I feel honored to be part of the program and putting together the message I want to give them. If you got an opportunity to address the future leaders of this country, what will be your message? Please share it as as comments in the blog or send me mail.

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Rupee symbol in ms academy website using rupakara font

I have used the Indian Rupee symbol in Management Scholars Academy website to quote the course fee for our PMP boot camp here http://msacademy.in/pmp-rupakara.htm using rupakara font. Rupakara is a new font created by Michael Everson to give support to the newly invented Indian Rupee Sign, which has been assigned to U+20B9 by Unicode. You can see the rupee symbol in my site only if you have the rupakara font installed in your computer. You can download the font for free from here http://www.evertype.com/fonts/rupakara/

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Project Management in Valmiki Ramayana – 10

Project Integration Management

PMBoK definition of Close Project or Phase

Finalizing all activities across all of the project management process groups to formally close the project or a project phase

The scene from Ramayana:

categoriaManagement in Ramayana commento1 Comment dataAugust 17th, 2010
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August month PMP boot camp photos and updates

The August month PMP boot camp concluded well with 14 Project Managers joining the program this time. They were from CSC, TCS, Aricent, HCL, Ford, iNautix, Laserbeam Software, Focus Infotech and Keane Consulting. The average experience of this team was high (12+ years) and it showed in their focus and performance in the tests.

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Creative Problem Solving – 3 by Manikandan V

I wrote about TRIZ Principle -1 – Segmentation in the earlier blog. Here I am writing about two more TRIZ principles.

Principle – 2. Taking Out (Separate an interfering part or property from an object, or single out the only necessary part (or property) of an object.

By segmentation principle we have segmented our work/project. There is always a chance of troublesome or critical segment or part in our work, which we can take out and handle separately.

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Project Management in Valmiki Ramayana – 9

Scope Management

PMBoK definition of “Defining Scope” :

Developing a detailed project scope statement which is critical for project success

The scene from Ramayana:

In the cosmic stage show, sometimes a villain grows into a powerful force, so powerful that he even overthrows deities or devas, who stand for all that is moral and right. One such rogue was Ravana and devas pray to Lord Vishnu to help them. Vishnu promises them protection and declares, “Be relieved of your fear! You will be safe under my shelter! I will descend on Earth as sons of King Dasaratha and get rid of Ravana and his gang that have become a terror to deities and sages. I will rule the earth for eleven thousand years and establish the path of Dharma.”

How the scene maps to the process:

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Use open DNS to fix BSNL broadband access problem

Some of you who are using BSNL broadband at home told me that you are not able to access my blog. I also had the problem and found that it was something to do with BSNL DNS cache. I was not able to access my website and mail from time to time (Sometimes even Google.com)

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My daughter’s school project – vegetable face

When there is a PMP trainer in the house, everyone does projects! Here is my daughter Mathangi’s (5th std) school project – A face made out of veggies / fruits. If you guess all the veggies correctly you will win 1 kilo of vegetables!

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Behance your creative projects

The artists among you will like this one. If you want to publish and promote your work, in whatever form (music, videos, artwork, websites etc) as a catalog, You can do it at behance.net and share it over web, facebook, linkedIN, twitter and so on. I created a project for the “MS Academy PMP boot camp” out of the first slide of all the course material, the learning points on each of the 12 topics, with the great images I bought from dreamtemplate(dot)com and published it on Behance as a project www.behance.net/gallery/PMP-Boot-Camp-in-Chennai-from-MS-Academy/614589 Putting it in a place like this and giving links back to your site will also get you google juice.

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