Maintaining PMP credential – Video help on PDUs from PMI

I see that many of my friends let the PMP credential expire because they find accruing PDUs difficult. Actually it is very easy. You can get 15 PDU for just being in project management profession; Another 15 for self directed learning; You can get 10 PDUs for speaking or writing on project management; More PDUs for attending training programs on project management etc. So 60 PDUs in 3 years is quite easy if you just want to do it.

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MTS Mblaze mobile broadband review

I bought the Mblaze mobile broadband device to stay connected when I am in the PMP boot camp. I am quite happy with the product.

> I bought it in Tata Croma. It was a delightful experience.

> The entry price is affordable. (I bought it for Rs.2300/- It has come down to Rs.2000/now – and is available for even Rs.1500/- in some shops)

> The setup and user interface is very simple. Just plug, install and play.

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Project Management in Valmiki Ramayana – 8

Human Resources Management

PMBoK definition of Manage Project team :

Tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues, and coordinating changes to enhance project performance

The scene from Ramayana:

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Photos from July month PMP boot camp

The July month PMP boot camp went well with 15 project managers from iSoft, HOV, Zenta, CSC, TCS, Ford and iNautix joining us at Raj Palace Sundar on 10th 11th 17th and 18th of July. The unique thing about this team was that all of them were from IT companies and all of them could speak Tamizh. (Are you asking if we gave all examples, from IT in tamizh? not exactly.)

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Does the role of Project Manager End with managing projects? The answer is “NO” – Umasree

Umasree continues from where she left in the last post…

It is not just PMP and beyond…it is Project Management and beyond… that is what makes Project Managers successful business managers and people leaders.

I have 10 principles that I would follow as a Project Manager and most of the PM’s would find themselves aligned to these 10 principles in one way or the other.

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Does the role of Project Manager end with managing projects?…An Analysis by Umasree

Both my parents worked in government sector and I was so used to hearing them saying that their managers control their work lives to a great extent.  Even after 3 decades and now that the private sector is cherished with a greater Corporate Culture, lot of things changed except the fact that even today, mostly our managers control our work lives.  The kind of infrastructure where we work ( compared to good old depleted government buildings Vs Lead Skyscraper buildings),  Posh office furniture ( Rolling cushion chairs compared to Wooden seats with cotton cushions not changed for decades),  well maintained housekeeping ( compared to dirty toilets and rusty ceiling fans filled with dust over years with now High class wash rooms with deos and perfumes, handwash and towels),  Fringe benefits (Compared to Rs 1 or 2 tea wala refreshments to Vending machines in office/  Microwaves and in-house Kitchens and 24 hours food malls in the office building)… the list goes on and on in the comfort zone. Yet, today’s employee is a very stressed out and unsatisfied project team member.  Why is it so?

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Do we promote customer-centricity in Indian culture?

In organizing the PMP boot camps in the past few months, I found that what the customers really relish is the focus on their needs with an attitude of gratitude. Even if there are minor issues in terms of the actual service, they are OK with an apology and course correction.

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Practical tips for PM – 15

Now I am teaching for PMP, I saw a major difference between PMBOK 3rd and 4th edition. In scope, risk, cost, communication and in all 6 processes of project integration area they have added “expert judgment” as a technique. They have also given guidance on who are the typical experts to help with that process. I think it is a very useful update.

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