Feeling Lucky today? – by Lakshminarasimhan

Today’s post is from Lakshminarasimhan, PMP. Narasimhan is a Project manager with HCL  and has been with HCL for 9 years. Prior to that he was with CMC Limited, Hyderabad for 4 years, learning Telugu and Hindi along with other computer languages.

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On top of the world

When I was in Tokyo for 3 months working for Citibank, one weekend, I went on a tour to Mount Fuji. This is me on the fifth station of Mt.Fuji. Climbing upto the top, the tenth station, I have heard is an amazing adventure.  But even the trip to the 5th station was wonderful, an out of the world experience. It felt like I am on the top of the world. (You can see the clouds below me in the picture).

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Free PMP orientation program from MS Academy

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Management Scholars Academy is conducting a FREE PMP orientation program every other Saturday in Chennai. In this session we will give you details about the PMP credential, the eligibility criteria, a demo on how to apply online, tips on how to read PMBoK without dozing off (-:), a baseline test with 50 Q to give you an idea of how the actual test feels like, and answer any other questions you may have on PMP.

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Some great blogs from my good friends

After starting my blog, I realized that some of my friends keep wonderful blogs. It is like after you buy a Maruthi Wagon R, it feels like wherever you turn there is a Maruthi Wagon R(-:). I want to share those blogs with you.

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Practical tips for PM – 14

We were talking about building relationships. The one practical tip here is “Remember the names”. The sweetest syllable to the ear of any man or woman is their name. Write down the names of your team members and key stakeholders and create your personal team dictionary. It is all there in outlook or lotus notes, yes. But write down the name picturing the person’s face. Add their phone number and e-mail ID. I don’t mean it should be paper and pen. It can be excel also. But don’t cut and paste from outlook. Type it so that you can get the spelling right.

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Gadget Ganapathy reviews Dell inspiron 1564

Some of you may not know this nick name of mine – Gadget Ganapathy! I used to be very fond of gadgets and actually spent money on them. I picked up that habit when I lived in US. If I had saved all the money I spent on gadgets and food in US, I could a bought a flat in OMR (-:) If I have saved all the time I spent in Best Buy and Circuit City, I could have pursued that M.S and PhD. I would have become Dr.Ganapathy instead of Gadget Ganapathy. (Mani here says that it is still not too late to get that doctorate. As Business Manager at MS Academy he is always looking for increasing the value for our customers!) Anyway, even after I came back to India I kept up that habit. Carried the latest cell phone, digital cameras, laptops, etc. Been through 6-7 of each shocking my friends and earning that nick name. But (luckily) that habit has faded after a while.

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