The good news and the bad news!

Which one do you want to hear first? OK, let me give the good news.

By God’s grace, MS Academy has signed an MOU with Pharmexx, a large pharmaceutical services organization to implement TQM and conduct project management workshops over the next 6 to 9 months. We are delighted to be part of their Good to Great journey.

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Project Management in Valmiki Ramayana – 5

PMBoK definition of Risk response planning :

Developing options and actions to enhance opportunities, and to reduce threats to project objectives

The scene from Ramayana:

(Read the following paras with the above definition in mind)

Sugriva segregates his army into four squads and sends them in four directions in search of Sitadevi’s whereabouts. But he sends three fourth of his army in the southern direction knowing that is where Ravana’s country is.

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“PM for youth” toolkit from PMIEF

PMI is well known only for PMP certification. They also have an education foundation which has “to enrich lives through knowledge of and education in Project Management Life Skills” as its goal. Find below a presentation on PM toolkit for youth. We can use the kit to teach basics of PM to even our children who are also doing projects in school these days! Thanks PMI volunteers for your time and efforts!

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Remembering Randy Pausch

In 2006, Randy Pausch, 47, Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In August, doctors told him that he had “three to six months of good health left.”

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Six thinking hats by Edward De Bono

six thinking hats
Management Scholars Academy is into Project Management training and consultancy. We conduct PMP boot camps and PM workshops. Last month I conducted a one day Project Management workshop at Bangalore for a large financial services company. The learning objective given to me was to introduce the essential PM concepts at high level.

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Practical tips for PM – 13

Sorry, I couldn’t get back to this series for a while. Let’s start where we left. We were talking about project politics.

The best way to tackle politics is obviously open and honest communication. right? But why is it so difficult? Could it be the technology? Although technology provides more ways to keep in touch, it doesn’t automatically build relationships. Building relationship is hard work.

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My guest post at “Happy Publishing”

I wrote an article about my dad when this blog (Happy Publishing) asked for a guest post on any inspirational topic through BLU


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Guest Post – Lisa Wright shares a word on morals

Today’s post is a from Lisa Wright, a freelance copywriter. Thanks Lisa for your time and efforts.

Business can be a rather cut-throat environment, with many executives letting ego and greed get in the way of more noble pursuits.  How do you climb the corporate ladder without losing your sense of right and wrong?  Here are a few thoughts to periodically ponder as you progress through your career goals.

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A committed professional

After starting on my own, I am meeting many interesting people, when I am going out and marketing MS academy services. When I say interesting people, I mean not only people who are successful in their career but people who see value in continuous learning.

Today when I met Mr.Chenthir Kumaran MD of Pharmexx India he summarized the passion for learning with a simple example and a quotable quote. Mr.Chenthir has personally attended training by Philip Kotler and Kenneth Blenchard.

He said, “A family barber has a special place in our culture. He is invited while celebrating birth of a child, for threading ceremony, for marriage and even death…

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Good to great by Jim Collins

I have read the book ‘Good to great’ by Jim Collins. But I got a golden opportunity to deeply STUDY the book and make a presentation to a client company which is enthusiastically on the ‘Good to great’  journey. After the presentation they have promised to take us along in their journey. I am quite excited about this opportunity because I feel it will help Management Scholars Academy discover our hedgehog concept.

Hedgehog concept from good to great

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