Management Scholars Academy was a sponsor for SPICON 2010 annual conference of SPIN Chennai which was a well organized event by a set of dedicated SPIN volunteers. The theme this year was very timely – Operational Excellence for sustenance and growth. K.Dinesh co-founder of Infosys was the key note speaker. He shared his experiences at Infosys on persevering with the dream and the willingness to change to scale up and how the value system was established and communicated by the leaders by living the values themselves. Bala Balachandran from Kellog School of Management had the audience eat out of his hand with his crisp quotes and acronyms, timely jokes and very practical management advice.

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Practical tips to PM – 6

This is a slight diversion. MS Academy decided to sponsor SPICON 2010 the annual conference of SPIN Chennai. My next tip to you – Research professional associations like SPIN Chennai, visit their websites and attend their monthly meetings and conferences to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in the industry. You can meet and network with individuals who could provide you with the key to your next job (-:)

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Practical tips to PM – 5

Develop a solid business case for your project. Developing a business case will identify whether it is worth it. You should even consider if the project fits your personal strategy for career growth. But for the senior management your business case should

  • Briefly describe the business issue that the recommended project would solve
  • Describe the anticipated outcomes of implementing the project that addresses the business issue.

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The word 'NO' plays a critical element in time management

The word NO is powerful; we will be using this word often indirectly, either by our behaviors or gesture, or simply through our silence. Most of life time situation does not allow us to say this word directly. The most common reason for not saying no is fear of disappointing others.

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Too many NO s or too many YES es are dangerous. But saying NO to things not important towards out goals is one of key ingredients of our professional and personal time management. It helps us keep distractions away and focus on our goals.

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It is tough to say plain NO; it is good to say in graceful manner.

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We need to be creative in saying no.  Some ideas to help you there…

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Practical tips to PM – 4

We said, tips to PM, right. Let’s begin to talk about projects. The first tip here is – See if the project you are asked to manage is worth it,  for your organization, that is. If the risks outweigh the rewards, and you can convince key stakeholders, try it. Be very objective here because your reputation is at stake.

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Practical tips to PM – 3

The earlier you realize that it helps you, your self-esteem to thank others, the faster you can climb the management ladder. There will be times you will have to ask them to ‘get it done’. If you have thanked them every time in the past, they may not mind to ‘get it done’ for you.

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Practical tips to PM – 2

But there is an even better way to build your self esteem – This is acquired taste – By being nice to others. It is easier than you think. Participate in a community event or teach someone a new tool or technique till he /she experiences the benefits of it fully. Tell me how you did this recently – Built your self esteem by helping others…

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Creative problem solving – 1 by Manikandan.V

Today’s post is from Manikandan on “Create Problem Solving “

When we talk about creative problem solving, we are not talking about solution to a specific problem but we are talking about how to solve a problem.

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There is misinterpretation that creativity belongs to artists and scientists, but everyone of us can solve our day to day problem/challenges easily if we are more creative.

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Practical tips to PM – 1

The first tip to you is  – Focus on your self esteem. If you are feeling good about yourself it will show in the way you look and speak and smile. Build your self esteem by doing something nice to yourself, once in a while – like buying a watch or a gadget that you will enjoy, not just use. What did you gift yourself recently?

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Project Management in Valmiki Ramayana – 3

Quality Management

PMBoK definition of Perform Quality Assurance:

Applying the planned systematic quality activities to ensure that the project employs all processes needed to meet requirements

The scene from Ramayana:

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Project Management in Valmiki Ramayana – 2

Project Time Management

PMBoK definition of “Control Schedule”:

Controlling changes to the project schedule.

The scene from Ramayana:

After Rama killed Vali, he makes Sugriva the king of Kishkinda and tells him to rest and relax for the next two months of rainy season and after that help him in finding Sita. Sugriva gets intoxicated with alcoholic drinks and pleasures of flesh that he forgets his promise to Rama. After stern reminder by Hanuman, Sugriva sends messengers with orders to assemble the monkey army in Kishkinda.
Meanwhile Rama sends his brother Lakshmana to warn Sugriva with a clear message that the doors through which Vali was sent to netherworld are not yet closed. Hearing this, Sugriva comes to Rama and apologizes for the delay. By then the monkey army arrives and Sugriva was saved from Rama’s wrath. He divides the army into four squads and orders them to go in search of Sita in all four directions of Earth setting a deadline of one month.
The squad that goes in the southern direction comes back only after four months but brings the report on whereabouts of Sita. Hanuman brings the message from Sita that she will not bear to live more than a month in the sickening situation she is in. The very same day Rama marches to Lanka with the monkey army.

How the scene maps to the process:

Rama changes the schedule baseline three times in this project of rescuing Sita.
First time he postpones the activity “Send squads in search of Sita” by two months knowing that not much can be achieved in rainy season. It will sap the energy of the monkey army to carry the search in rain and it may kill their motivation to fight Ravana’s army later.
When Sugriva delays the search due to negligence and distraction, Rama reprimands the monkey king, but still forgives him because he has marshaled the army. The baseline is now moved to middle of fall season.
The monkeys returned only in spring season, but since they had valid reasons for the delay and also they were successful in their mission, Rama admitted the delay.
But he marches towards Lanka and rescues Sita within the one month deadline that she set for her rescue. Thus he shows that changes to schedule should be managed with appropriate control on the dependencies.

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Are you a manager or damager? – Guest post by Sethuramalingam B

Sethuramalingam was my colleague in CSC. He has 13+ years of experience in IT industry predominantly as a quality consultant. He is PMP, CSQA and ITIL certified. He has handled lead quality positions in large programs. He is an expert in CMMI. Today he is sharing his thoughts on what it takes to be an effective manager.

Manager Vs Damager

Manager is not simply the person who gets things done. He / She should possess multi faceted skills and traits. Important among them are

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